One of the most indispensable appliance at home is a reliable heating, ventilating, and cooling or HVAC system. Take into consideration an AC unit cover that perfectly enhances the interior of your home. Or, create your own air conditioner screen to not only to hide but also to protect the unit, particularly one that is outdoors.

Everyone knows that air conditioning makes you feel cool. But an air conditioning system is often used for more than just cooling. It keeps the temperature and humidity, or moisture content, of the air in an enclosed space at just the right level for the comfort of the people inside.

It also circulates the air with fans and removes dust from the air with filters. From efficiency to designs, every homeowner ensures they have the right HVAC systems installed within their property. Keep your HVAC systems protected from dust and harsh weather and increase its lifespan.

AC Unit Cover Ideas

There are various air conditioner cover ideas you can get from the Internet.

With simple tools and durable, stylish materials, you can create your own AC unit cover. From old shutters to wood fences or lattice, iron trellises and even those old shipping pallets, you can creatively use them as cover.

Aside from DIY AC unit covers, there are also decorative air conditioner covers for wall units.

The most basic and perhaps the easiest technique to cover up your unit is the use of a stylish fabric.

Instead of painting your wall to match your AC unit, you can simply find a fabric with a texture that matches your wall. An unused fabric from your previous project can also be used as an accent.

Another way to cover it is to integrate it with your furniture. You can also build another shelf for the unit to make it appear as one of your wall decorations. You can create another cabinet on top of your entertainment stand or book stand. Just make sure the cover still allows for superb ventilation.

Whether you are covering the AC unit outside or inside your home, it is important to choose a breathable material to allow moisture to dry.

Tips for Covering the AC Unit Outside

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In most instances, an outdoor air conditioning unit is built to withstand harsh conditions, from the summer heat and even from the icy winter.

“The only time it is highly recommended that it be kept fully covered is during fall when leaves and twigs and branches are inevitable.”

You would not allow any of these things to get into the unit. They do not just block up moisture drainage, but they also collect moisture that can lead to corrosion.

Whether you want to cover the AC unit for aesthetic reasons or for anything else, remember not to compromise its efficiency and longevity.

Keep in mind these essential tips:

1. Cover it without blocking its airflow. Ideally, you must only cover its top part up to 6 inches down the side. More than that, you’re risking the life of your unit against rust and corrosion due to moisture trap.

2. If you plan to plant shrubs around the unit, think about their growth. Plant shrubs at least 18 to 30 inches away from the unit. Make sure they do not block the access panels or the coil.

3. It would be better to simply cover the unit with plants in pots. This way, it easier to arrange them most especially when you need to pave the way for a technician and have enough space to place his tools or equipment and work comfortably.

4. The same applies when you want to build a screen around your air conditioner. See to it that the fence or trellis or lattice that you installed can be easily removed or opened every time the technician comes to do regular maintenance and check up.

If you don’t want to remove the fence, then at least install a gate. Each side of the unit must have at least an 18-inch distance away from the fence cover or screen not only for servicing but also for better performance.

Other helpful tips: For better efficiency and proper drainage, elevate the unit above expected snowfall. Keep the unit level with a base of stone. This also keeps the coils clean from dirt and grass. It is also good to use a two-sided screen to avoid trapping heat.

Possible Drawbacks of Covering the AC Unit

Just as there are countless benefits of covering your air conditioner, it also comes with a few drawbacks.

1. It can be a perfect shelter for house pests like rodents. While they’re nesting under your beautiful cover, they end up chewing electrical wires and stripping off insulated lines.

2. It can decrease the unit’s efficiency due to mold growth on the evaporator coils that prevents proper airflow. This usually happens during winter when mold and mildew easily grows (especially if covered).

3. It may cause rust and corrosion due to moisture trap.

Covering your air conditioner can be great. However, uncovering it during certain times can be more beneficial. Know the right time to do so, know the right material to use, and know the proper ways of covering it.

While you want to make your property look beautiful, make servicing the AC unit easy and accessible for your technician, too.

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