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Heating your home has never been easier than with Ductless Heating, the most suitable system for any home and it's unique needs.
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Save Costs and Keep Warm With Ductless

Indoor temperatures can directly affect the comfort you experience in your home. Whether you are coming home from a long and tiring day at work, catching up on sleep during the weekends, or entertaining guests to celebrate a special occasion, it’s crucial to maintain the appropriate temperature in order to fully enjoy the time you spend inside the house.

Not too warm, not too cold — it should be just right.

To ensure this, you need the best local heating, ventilating and air conditioning or HVAC experts (like our team at Ventwerx) to fit your home with the most suitable system for your household’s unique needs.

With the right professionals at your service, and the best HVAC equipment available, every minute you spend inside your property can be a truly relaxing and comfortable one.

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Choosing the Correct Ductless Heating System

Achieving the ideal indoor climate for your home is done by determining the right kind of heating system to use.

There are a number of different types to choose from, but if you’re looking for the smartest strategy for effectively heating your home.

Not to mention the best value for your money — then it’s best to focus on one particular option: ductless heating.

In place of ductwork which can be quite bulky, leaky or challenging to install, a ductless system has an indoor unit that is connected to an outdoor unit through refrigerant lines.

What is a Ductless Heating System?

As the name implies, ductless heating systems require no ductwork in order to properly distribute heat throughout your home. The system makes use of a mini-split or ductless heat pump — a single device for both heating and cooling.

In place of ductwork which can be quite bulky, leaky or challenging to install, a ductless system has an indoor unit that is connected to an outdoor unit through refrigerant lines.

You can choose between single and multi-zone ductless heating systems:

  • With the single-zone option, one indoor unit corresponds to one outdoor compressor. This compressor carries refrigerant and power to the indoor unit through a small pipe that runs through a tiny opening (this installation creates minimal impact to the home).
  • Alternatively, a multi-zone system’s single outdoor compressor can power up to nine indoor units, and each one unit can be separately controlled via remote control. This model allows increased flexibility in terms of configuring the system to suit your unique heating needs.

What are the benefits of ductless heating systems?

  • Your house will be at its most energy-efficient state.

Heating and cooling systems use up as much as half of the energy that powers a home. And with traditional ductwork, there can be as much as 30% energy lost because of improper sealing or unconditioned spaces. Ductless systems don’t take up valuable closet space — all that’s required is a two- or three-inch hole just outside the wall.

  • You can customize your control.

When you choose a multi-zone ductless system, you can customize the way temperatures are controlled within specific rooms. That means you can set up to nine different temperatures as needed, or that heating can be turned on in some rooms and off in others. As such, you are only paying to heat occupied rooms.

  • You can get it installed in no time.

Getting your heating system up and running in no time can be done faster by your trusted HVAC experts with ductless systems since there’s no need for an attic- or basement-located evaporator and bulky ductwork. Also, this heating system can work in reverse during the hotter months, effectively cooling rooms and generally making the house comfortable all year round.

  • You can savor peace and quiet.

One of the best things about ductless heat pumps is the fact that they are designed with a Quiet mode to create a peaceful indoor atmosphere. More than producing the right temperature to help every member of the household experience relaxation and restful sleep, the system also does so without creating unnecessary noise and disturbances — so everyone can sleep like a baby.

Is a ductless heating system ideal for your home?

Ductless heating systems are being increasingly used in a wide variety of spaces, including:

  • Older houses that have no ductwork and have never been installed with a central air conditioning system
  • Older commercial buildings without any existing expansions or ductwork for air conditioning
  • Newly constructed homes in areas with high fuel costs
  • Rooms or whole houses that are not constantly occupied
  • Outbuildings and other additions or extensions to houses, such as garages and sheds, where extending ductwork is not possible or recommended
  • Rooms or spaces adjacent to unconditioned areas where ductwork would end up being exposed to the elements

Making the switch

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