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Is it time to replace Your AC Unit?

Your air conditioning system will eventually need replacement. At the very least, some crucial parts will need to be taken out and new ones installed. According to the federal government, air conditioner units and/or heat pumps over 10 years old should be replaced with a new air conditioner unit that has been given the Energy Star seal.

There are multiple ways to determine when it is time to get your AC unit replaced. You might notice that your energy bills increase by the month. Perhaps your AC unit is not in good working condition and may be noisier now. Maybe the unit has to be repaired more frequently in recent times.

At Ventwerx, we know how to diagnose the exact problem of your AC unit and have the skills and the know-how to deliver sound solutions. Our technicians will do an AC replacement job that helps you secure the perfect unit and allow you to experience a proficient installation.

AC Replacement Services Done Right

With our skillful technicians using AC units with the Energy Star seal and doing an efficient installation job, you can expect to gain 20 percent savings on your cooling and heating bills. A correctly installed AC unit also resolves humidity problems and noisy systems, which can limit comfort indoors.

As a licensed and proud installer of Carrier products, Ventwerx HVAC guarantees the reliability, durability, and optimum operability of your air conditioning units. With topnotch cooling and heating products from Carrier’s innovative line, we can bring in the technology and quality required to maintain the maximum comfort in your home.

Insulation Removal and Installation with any HVAC Installation

Trained and Accredited

As HVAC specialists, we aim to provide air conditioning replacement jobs that meet high standards. To this end, we have achieved accreditation from the prestigious Building Performance Institute (BPI). All Ventwerx technicians are EPA certified to handle and kinds of refrigerants.

BPI elevates the bar in home performance contracting by creating national standards, establishing quality assurance programs, and developing professional certification as well as company accreditation.

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