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You already had a tough time shopping and buying your air conditioner. Now comes an even tougher part of cooling your home: the installation.

Once the unit arrives, it has to be placed properly. If the job is not done right, your air conditioner could become a hazard, possibly damaging your home and causing harm to the occupants. It could also fail to cool your home efficiently. This may mean increased energy bills and decreased comfort.

Avoid the Hassle — Guarantee Your Comfort — San Jose and Morgan Hill

Your air conditioner installation does not have to be filled with difficulties and the subsequent problems related to poor installation. We at Ventwerx take installation seriously. As an established licensed installer of air conditioning units in the San Jose area (and other locations in the Bay Area), we get the job done right, ensuring the operability and reliability of your cooling system.

We are professionals and love our job. We value our clients. So not only do we make sure the installation is correct and efficient, but we also make sure to leave your home and your property as neat and orderly as we found it, taking careful steps to maintain its condition.

We Help You Choose Air Conditioning Units

Our qualified and friendly technicians do not just do installation jobs. At Ventwerx, we make sure you’re using the right cooling system. So if you don’t feel up to choosing from a wide range of air conditioners or just need expert guidance, we will help you narrow down your choices.

From cooling various parts of your home at different temperatures to using the most affordable unit, we make sure you get the right cooling system that meets your specific needs. And we do our best to help you maintain maximum energy efficiency with your air conditioner.

Safe, Eco-Friendly, and Quality Installations

We’re committed to bringing energy-efficient solutions to every home in the San Jose-South Bay-Morgan-Hill area. Aside from being licensed installers of Carrier products – a brand known for its innovative and energy-efficient systems – we have also earned the distinguished Home Performance Green Certificate from the EnergyStar.Gov. Our AC installation, San Jose and Morgan Hill residents have come to know, is environment-friendly.

Our proven knowledge and experience in diagnosing problems and supplying fitting solutions have also given us accreditation from the Building Performance Institute. The BPI establishes national standards, quality assurance programs, professional certification, and company accreditation to raise the bar in home performance contracting.

At Ventwerx, we help you with cooling system installations — from start to finish. And we do it right.

Insulation Removal and Installation with any HVAC Installation

So help us help you cool your home today. Fill out our FREE and quick estimate form.

Schedule your appointment. Or call us at (408) 422-2987 for more information. We’ll be more than happy to serve all your air conditioning needs.

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