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Our knowledgeable HVAC technicians have the tools, knowledge and skills to diagnose your heater’s problems. We will resolve the problem, restore comfort, and help you attain cost savings with repairs done right the first time. If your system is beyond repair or if installing a new furnace is the better long-term option, leverage our experience to help you make the right furnace purchasing decision. We recommend Carrier products because they deliver the best values to homeowners seeking performance and comfort. Please ask our one of our contractors to recommend the proper Carrier package for your home and budget.

What are some signs your furnace needs repair?

1. Furnace Not Heating Up

The most common reasons for a furnace blowing cold air are dirty air filters, a blown pilot light, or a faulty thermostat. There can also be issues with ignition, a gas valve, the blower fan, or other components.

2. Frequent Cycling – Heat Turns On and Off

Short cycling is when the heat turns on and off repeatedly. This can be caused by a damaged fan limiter, a dirty flame sensor or damaged thermocouple. If you notice short cycling, call a local heating and cooling specialist.

3. Blower Fan Does Not Turn Off

Usually, the fan limit switch may be set to “manual override”, but it can also be a shorted wire in the thermostat, or at the fan limit switch.

4. Furnace is Noisy When it Runs

A buzzing sound from your furnace may indicate an electrical problem. If you hear a loud noise as it starts up, this may be “delayed ignition”, a serious issue where an excessive amount of natural gas builds up in the combustion chamber before igniting. Call a licensed HVAC company immediately.

5. Carbon Monoxide Detector Going Off / Sulfur Smell

Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of natural gas furnaces burning fuel. Normally, this is contained withing the heat exchanger, and vented through the flue to the outdoor environment. If you smell sulfur, see excessive condensation on windows, see soot or smoke stains around the furnace, you may have a leak.

6. Performance Does Not Improve After Changing Air Filters

Dirty air filters can reduce the airflow, making your furnace strain to circulate heat. Air filters should be changed every three months. Clogged filters can sometimes damage your limit switch, which operates the fan.

7. Thermostat Not Working Correctly

If your furnace does not turn on, or does not regulate temperature, you might have a faulty thermostat.

8. Ignition or Pilot Light Malfunctioning

This can be dues to a faulty thermocouple or blocked gas valve.

9. Burning Smell When Heat is Running

When the furnace isn’t being used, dust and dirt settle on inner components. When you first use the furnace in colder months, you’ll smell this dust burning off. If you smell it every time, something may be amiss with your furnace.

10. Energy Bills Going Up

Your furnace can make natural gas bill go up if the thermostat is not regulating temperature correctly, or if there are clogged vents or dirty air filters.

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How long do furnaces typically last?

Residential furnaces typically last 15 to 20 years. With regular maintenance, their life span can be extended even longer.

Heating & Cooling Special for San Jose Customers

Ventwerx HVAC is offering complementary air duct cleaning for our South Bay customers with any new furnace replacement or air conditioner replacement.

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Air duct cleaning with any new furnace or air conditioner installation or replacement.

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Venwerx HVAC Heating Repair in San Jose, CA

Unbiased professional help in choosing the right furnace model that best suits your household and property.

Check out Ventwerx Heating System Replacement services in San Jose, CA

Well-organized installation processes guided by a customized replacement plan and executed by certified professionals.

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Ductless HVAC install systems allow you to control the temperature in one room or your entire home for a comfortable space.

Furnace Safety

If you notice that your furnace is not blowing enough hot air or there has been a substantial increase in your energy bills over the past few months, these are signs that you need to have your heater checked by a professional.

Here at Ventwerx, we follow the key maintenance services recommended by the Department of Energy.

Our furnace repair protocol involves three key steps:

  • First, we send a trained and certified technician to provide proper diagnostic.
  • Next, we check the physical integrity of the heat exchanger of your furnace.
  • Finally, we check whether the furnace’s controls are configured properly in order to ensure comfort, cost efficiency and optimal performance of your system.
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Heating & Cooling Experience

Our HVAC technicians know which furnace brands and models deliver the most efficient value and which ones are prone to breakdowns.

We also offer full furnace inspections and service calls for systems that require immediate attention.

Problems with your home’s heater require the immediate attention of professionals who know how to properly diagnose, fix issues, and get your home comfortable as soon as possible.

Take a few minutes to fill out our online service and repair form, we will reply promptly providing you with scheduling options.

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“Great, service is excellent, we hired them to service and clean the air ducts. He makes sure all the work is done thoroughly, this is the second time I use VentWerx and will continue using their services. Totally satisfied with their people, service, and work.”
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“We were having problems with our furnace and were recommended Ventwerx by our neighbors. So glad we did cause the problem wasn’t what my husband thought it was and it turned out cheaper than we anticipated. The technician was knowledgeable and explained exactly what was going on.”
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“Excellent quote process to determine changes required to the current heater and air conditioning system with several recommended for improvements of replacement system. Installation team was on time, professional and did excellent job. Highly recommended!”
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Heating & Furnace Repair

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