7 Family Staycation Ideas This Summer

May 15, 2018Air Conditioning, Blog

Looking for family staycation ideas?

A lot of people are catching on to the idea of staycations. Sure, an out-of-town vacation expands your horizons. However, the logistics of a conventional vacation are stressful in itself. You might deal with lost luggage, screaming babies, unruly children, substandard hotel services, and many other nuisances. Plus, it’s also expensive — especially if you’re taking your family with you.

Sometimes, all you want to do is take a break from your responsibilities. Maybe you just want to spend quality time with your family. Staycations can let you do all that without leaving the comfort of your home.

On this blog post, we will give you seven golden family staycation ideas. Which one of these activities would your family love to do?


First Things First!

San Jose has one of the nicest summers in the world. It’s not an arid wasteland or a humid tropical rainforest. The climate is endearing, warm, and fuzzy. It’s great outdoors, but it’s a different story indoors. Your place can get thick and hot, more so if you don’t have proper ventilation. San Jose can have some hot summer nights indoors. I love sleeping with a thick heavy blanket on my body. I can’t sleep all sticky and hot — especially since I’m not used to these kinds of temperature.

If you’re staying for a vacation inside your own house, we strongly recommend for you to follow these AC maintenance tips to survive summer. You need to give your family the comfort and vacation they deserve. Your HVAC system should be ready for full house situation. If it is, you can say goodbye to those hot summer nights!

Of course, while you’re at it, you might want to check our blog on nine ways to save money on your energy bill during summer. It’s all helpful info.


7 Family Staycation Ideas This Summer


Family Bake-Off

If you’re trying to hit two birds with one stone, a bake-off will do wonders for you. Not only will you inspire your children’s competitive side, you will also get them to practice their baking craftsmanship.

Announce the competition’s theme and rules two weeks in advance. Nothing too drastic — a simple pastry like a cupcake should do fine. You would also need to prepare the ingredients for the contest.

The only downside is that the whole family can’t participate! At least one family member should step out of the competition to serve as the judge.



Charades is a timeless all-ages party game for everyone. It’s fun, lively, and exciting — it’s never a dull moment when the clock’s close to zero but you’re this close to having your team guess your word.

Charades is an awesome way to share a lot of laughter with your children. You will forever treasure the moment when you had to act out “Spongebob Squarepants” in front of your children.


Game Night

This type of game night is different from your tame and fun Charades. I’m talking about board games. These games can be as silly as Snake & Ladders or as gut-wrenching and life-changing as Monopoly.

Playing board games with your family differs from what you have in common with them and the average age of the family. If the youngest hasn’t reached the age of 10, you’re stuck with playing The Game of Life. But if everyone’s above 14 and familiar with Game of Thrones, maybe you have the attention span to hold on to a game of Risk: Game of Thrones.


Home Karaoke Night

If you have a Magic Sing or Home Karaoke Machine, your family might want to share the couch and belt out popular songs from the radio. It can be memorable to sing a duet with your children or parents — especially if you’re a family of singers!


Movie/Series Marathon

You might not want to play against each other, play with each other, or sing Bohemian Rhapsody from a microphone. Maybe you and your family are in the mood to enjoy cinematic beauty out from your flat screen TV while munching on some homemade popcorn.

Back then, families needed to rent a DVD from Blockbuster to get their fix. But now, we have streaming services with an extensive library of content ready for you to consume. Nothing says “no responsibility” better than playing one episode after another!


Summer Barbecue

You shouldn’t spend too much time indoors on a summer like in San Jose. The sun’s out and it’s nice outside. So, why don’t you go ahead and barbecue some meat for your family? Drop by the deli and get the premium cuts — cuts you would only get because it’s your vacation.


Pool Party

This is one of the obvious choices if you’re trying to spend time with your family during the summer. Pair it up with your summer barbecue! If you have your own pool, invite your whole family for a swim! An inflatable pool can also be a lot of fun, too!