The searing summer temperatures can make you want to stay in the comforts of an air conditioned room all day. However, keeping the air conditioner on an entire day can also make your energy bills go through the roof.

How do you deal with this scorching dilemma?

Presented here are a few tips to help you save money on your energy bill for the coming summer months.

1. Choose the right wall

Where you have the air conditioning unit installed has a direct effect on your electric bill. Having it on a wall where the sun’s rays can directly hit it will cause the unit to work harder.

When choosing a spot for the air conditioning unit, try to find the shadiest area in the room or a wall farthest from the window.

The same goes for appliances that produce a lot of heat such as lamps and television sets. Air conditioning units can detect the heat emanating from these appliances. As a result, this causes your cooling equipment to work harder. To lower your electric bills, keep these appliances away from your air conditioning unit.

2. Get those cracks sealed

Any gaps and cracks in the walls, doors or windows can let the air out.

Adding caulk or weather stripping helps in preventing the air from leaking out of the doors and windows. Also, consider having your attics and crawl spaces properly insulated.

3. Keep the sun out

Closing the blinds or curtains keeps the sun out and your space cooler. If you want to enjoy the view, you can have window film applied to the glass. The laminate reflects some of the heat and helps keep the room cooler.

During the cold winter months, the film also minimizes heat loss. You can have it applied professionally or do it yourself.

If you reside in an area that is warm throughout the year, consider having your home painted in light colors. Similar to window films, light paints can help reflect some of the heat away from your home.

4. Use electric fans

Fans are more energy-efficient than air conditioning units. As compared to air conditioners, fans only use a tenth of the energy but can effectively make the room cooler by 10 degrees.

Use the air conditioner to bring the temperature down to a specific level, then turn on the fans to circulate the air.

“Once you have the fans on, you can turn the air conditioners off or raise the temperature without reducing the comfort level.”

There are apps you can use to schedule when the fans come on and off. You can also use the apps to control the speed of the fans.

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5. Get a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is especially useful for people who follow a routine or are out of the house for several hours a day. You can use it to set the temperature when you are inside the home and when you leave.

Contrary to popular belief, turning the air conditioner off when you are away does not help in reducing your energy bills.

According to studies, it is better to raise the thermostat’s temperature when nobody is using the space then lowering it when you are home. This way, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work so hard in keeping the space cool.

6. Remove plugs

Turning appliances off doesn’t mean that they don’t use electricity. This is especially true with chargers and appliances that have a clock or light. These appliances still draw in electricity even when you are not using them.

To reduce costs, you should unplug all appliances that you are not using.

A more convenient alternative is to use a surge protector or outlets with wall switches. Turning the switch off cuts off the power supply and ensures that the device plugged in does not draw in any more electricity.

7. Have solar panels installed

The sun isn’t your enemy, so use its heat to your advantage. You can have solar panels installed on your roof and use the energy to power up some of the appliances inside your home.

This may entail an initial investment, but it can help save you money in the long run.

How much you save depends on the system and how much energy you use. In some regions, tax credits and incentives are also given to homeowners who have solar energy systems installed in their homes.

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8. Change your light bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs are more expensive but they are more energy-efficient and cheaper to use than incandescent bulbs.

A single incandescent bulb has the same energy requirement as six to 10 fluorescent light bulbs.

If your home uses electric eyes or timers for incandescent bulbs, you may need to check if these will work with fluorescent lamps.

9. Replace old appliances

Consider replacing any major appliances that are at least 10 years old.

Investing in newer appliances with higher Energy Star labels can lower your energy costs by up to 20 percent.

According to studies, an air conditioning unit with an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 10 is 50 percent more efficient than a unit with a rating of 5.

Following these tips and getting an AC service job from Ventwerx HVAC will ensure that your home stays cool all summer long and you save money on that monthly energy bill, for more information and tips contact us here at Ventwerx!