WATCH OUT FOR THESE SIGNS! Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned

Jan 26, 2018Blog, Ventilation

Have you been having respiratory health problems such as rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, or asthma that doesn’t seem to go away?

You probably already dismissed it as something that you have no control over. However, you might not have considered that this is caused by something that has a solution.

The answer? The air in your house is compromised.

You need to realize how much time you’re spending inside your home. Your sniffles may be caused by a low indoor air quality and flow. Airborne particles like pollen, droppings, dust, and dander may be too little for your naked eyes to see, but they are menacing to the respiratory system.

One solution that will help you improve your indoor air quality is air duct cleaning.

Your air duct goes through a lot. It’s not an appliance you can turn on and off. It facilitates your home’s airflow all day every day. It’s also an unmaintained dark cavity all-over your house. You never know what’s there.

So how do you know if you need to clean your air ducts?


The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends air duct cleaning on an as-needed basis. “As-needed” could mean a lot of things for different households. This could be yearly, every three years, or every five years. Regardless, there are signs that you probably need to get your air ducts cleaned as soon as possible:



Should I ask you to open up your vents and put your arm in as far as you can, will you be confident that no living creature would bury its fangs on you?

If the answer is no, go ahead and have your air ducts cleaned.

Insects, rodents, full-grown squirrels MAY already be settling inside your ducts. This may increase the likelihood of serious respiratory diseases since vermin dander, insect droppings, and disease-causing microorganisms will wreak havoc on your health!



Is it just you, or is your home needing some dusting much often than usual?

Your house may be dustier than usual because your air ducts are full of them. The excessive dust may be carried as air blows out of your vents. Unlike stagnant water in a gutter, these dust won’t evaporate and cease to be a problem. You need someone to get in there and remove it.

If any part of your air duct system is clogged with a thick layer of fuzzy dust, that’s a much more obvious sign that you need to air duct cleaning services.



If mold is starting to form on any hard surface in your air ducts system, DEFINITELY phone an air duct cleaning service provider. That’s a serious health concern. Molds in your ducts lead to breathing problems among other health problems.

If you’re unsure if the material around your vents is mold, HVAC providers are equipped with the tools and knowledge to accurately diagnose if you’re actually facing a mold problem.



This symptom is definitely something that you don’t want to experience before taking action.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is relatively common. In the United States, it has resulted in 20,000 emergency room visits a year.

If you feel flu-like symptoms such as a headache, dizziness, weakness, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion —and other causes have been ruled out — you might be looking at carbon monoxide poisoning. Long-term exposures are usually fatal and silent. It is also best if your house has a carbon monoxide detector to guarantee safety.

If there’s been a recent case of carbon monoxide poisoning in your household, we strongly recommend getting your ducts checked. Your cause of the problem may lie within faulty ventilation and air duct systems.


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Air duct cleaning is an exhaustive (and exhausting!) process. It involves cleaning all of the parts that make up your heating and cooling system. This includes your grilles, filters, coils, ducts, drip pans, etc.

You WANT to have a professional do this for you. Unless, of course, you possess the professional tools and skills required to do the job. Otherwise, it’s easy to miss out on the details that a professional would know.

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