Indoor air quality may be something that most homeowners don’t usually think about, simply because it’s not visible. But the consequences of poor-quality indoor air can be easily felt – through the various health problems that you may suffer from due to the viruses, bacteria and other dangerous particles that you are exposed to every single day.

In fact, experts say that air pollution is as much as five times worse indoors than outdoors. What makes it even more dangerous is that most people spend as much as 90 percent of their time indoors, making them even more at risk to the health hazards of air pollution.

Environmental air pollutants indoors can be emitted from a wide variety of sources: the products you use in your household, the building materials that your home is made of, supplies and equipment at work, your appliances and personal belongings, the clothes you wear, or the toiletries you use.

However, it’s almost impossible to completely eliminate air pollutants from your home. The best course of action to make your indoor air healthier is to ensure proper ventilation. Don’t allow air duct damage to cause health concerns for your family.

The efficiency of the ductwork in your property is a crucial factor in making sure fuel-burning appliances, such as stoves (gas and wood), heaters and dryers are properly vented. To maintain the good condition and reliable performance of air ducts in your home, regular air duct cleaning is advised. Routine inspection is also important, because it helps you detect problems early on. Watch out for the presence of moisture, mold, dust and debris, pests or any foreign object that might be blocking the system.

Air Duct Damage When foreign particles accumulate in the air ducts and filters, the ventilation system becomes compromised. Moreover, the very contaminants that have accumulated may even be released into your indoor living spaces. For instance, if there is mold growth in the air ducts, your household can be exposed to its toxic spores that are easily released in the air. You and your family can be threatened by various health problems, such as allergies, respiratory infections, skin irritation and more.

Deep cleaning and sanitation of your ductwork should be an immediate priority if flooding or fire had recently occurred. The same applies if you are having problems with your furnace, or had undergone renovation or new constructions. Households with pets or have smoking members are also candidates for a more frequent air duct cleaning schedule. Get help from HVAC professionals to get your air ducts in good order, for you to enjoy a healthier, safer and more comfortable home.