Your family’s health is important to you. That is why you ensure that they eat healthy food and that they get ample amounts of exercise. However, one particular thing that many homeowners overlook is the quality of indoor air in their houses. Lurking in plain sight are particles and pollutants that can undermine the health of the members of a household.

This is why AC duct cleaning process is essential. Air duct cleaning cost will eventually pay for itself in the form of better health for your loved ones.

In duct cleaning, the various components of a heating and cooling system (including supply and return ducts, registers, heating and cooling coils, diffusers, grills, fan motor and housing, drain pans, and the air handling unit) are cleaned by trained professionals.

When an AC system has not been installed and maintained properly, minute particles like dust and pollen can accumulate over time. And when you add moisture to the equation, this can create the perfect condition for the growth of microbiological organisms like molds. These microorganisms can lead to health problems like allergies.

Unlike AC maintenance which should be done on a regular basis, duct cleaning should be done if you see any of the following signs listed below.

First, if you see the growth of molds on the ducts and other components of your home’s AC system, you need to schedule a duct cleaning. But at the same time, it is important to determine first the cause of the growth of the molds, and then address that. Otherwise, the problem will only occur again at a later time.

Other signs to look for are the infestation of pests in the ducts and the excessive accumulation of dust which clogs the ducts.

AC duct cleaning During the duct cleaning process, the professionals will need to access all the parts of the system in order to carefully inspect and thoroughly clean these. These professionals use specialized vacuum cleaners to remove particles inside and outside of the home. They may also use brushes on the duct surfaces in order to effectively remove dust and debris.

During the duct cleaning, you have to make sure that your furniture, carpet and other furnishings are protected. Additionally, you have to make sure that the professionals you have hired take good care of the duct work and make the necessary rectifications should they see any problem with it.

In some circumstances, these professionals may apply biocides to kill microorganisms found in the ducts. Sealants may also be used to contain air leaks and prevent particles from being released indoors.