Savings amounting to $167 billion on consumers’ utility bills. A reduction of 885 million metric tons of carbon pollution produced by the nation. These are two of the biggest returns the government expects to gain from the newest released appliance and equipment efficiency standards, including HVAC energy efficiency standards for residential and commercial properties.

The national energy efficiency program has helped households across the country save money due to HVAC Energy Efficiency Standards which reduces their energy consumption for the long term.

energy efficiency program

Converting to high-efficiency HVAC appliances and systems, in particular, delivers significant ROI for users. When you switch to an air conditioner manufactured following new energy efficient standards, you can reduce your energy use by as much as 50 percent. Meanwhile, a new furnace will consume 10 percent less energy. Imagine how much cost and energy savings you can get by making the switch across your major appliances and HVAC systems.

By following the new HVAC energy efficiency standards, you can expect larger dollar savings. Energy-efficient appliances used to cost more than older models, but consumers can expect their initial investment to return to them as their savings from reduced power bills accumulate. With government rebates now offered to manufacturers, some brands pass the savings to consumers, allowing you to buy new models at lower prices. So a more affordable unit purchase price and eventual savings from utility costs of up to $425 annually clearly make switching a great investment.

To further enjoy the gains of promoting energy efficiency standards in your household, here are the additional steps you can take:

Know the status of your energy performance. An assessor from the Department of Energy or a cooling and heating specialist can carry out an energy score assessment of your home. The results of the test allow you to understand how your household utilizes energy, as well as give you specific recommendations on how you can further improve your energy efficiency.

Look into trying the whole building approach. Even minor home upgrades, when done well, can already bring lasting benefits in terms of increasing your energy efficiency. But if you approach the entire project in a holistic manner, you can make smart changes across your insulation, air sealing, heating and cooling systems that deliver higher impact results.

Get expert help. If you really want to make the most of the new energy efficiency standards, then your best move is to hire a licensed HVAC contractor. This contractor will have the know-how and experience that will allow you to pinpoint energy-efficiency solutions that are most suitable to your specific needs and requirements.

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