Aside from air duct cleaning and repair services, Ventwerx Inc. is also your trusted team for quality HVAC ductwork design.

Purchasing the best heating and cooling equipment for your home won’t matter if the duct system meant to deliver the air throughout your home isn’t optimally designed for the property. It’s our job to make sure that each room in your home gets the appropriate amount of clean, fresh hot or cool air as needed — and creating efficient duct systems is our strategy for making that happen.

How does our team accomplish this? We go through four simple steps.

Determining the specific HVAC unit
Whether you’re still deciding on the new HVAC equipment to be installed in your property or you already have an existing one in place, we’ll need to find out this piece of information first so that the HVAC ductwork system we install will be the correct size for the unit. Different heating and air conditioning systems will require different duct sizes in order to operate properly.

Choosing the right duct materials
There are various options for ductwork materials. Fiberglass, for example, is the material of choice if you prefer a quiet duct system, while sheet metal is known for its remarkable durability. There’s also the option to use reinforced plastic tubes called flexible ducts, or to create a combination of these. These materials vary in terms of soundproofing quality, strength and price, so we make sure to go over the details so that you can make the best decision for your home’s duct system.

Selecting indoor air quality provisions
HVAC Ductwork DesignYour heating and air conditioning systems will require components that will help maintain the quality of the air that will be coursing through your home. Your options can include activated charcoal filters or media filters; as with the previous components, the overall size of the ductwork will also need to accommodate the size of the chosen filter.

Once the details have been finalized, load calculation for the HVAC duct system will be performed to ensure quality work is done.

With proper HVAC ductwork design, your household can enjoy efficient cooling and heating functions, you can be assured that the system won’t be in constant need of repairs or adjustments, and you’ll be facing only the appropriate costs for your system (and maybe even getting substantial savings).

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