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Do your Air Ducts Need Repairing?

They may be hidden from view around the house, but your air ducts make up one of the most important systems within your property.

Air ducts (which are typically made out of fiberglass, metal or other materials) are major components of any heating, ventilating and air conditioning or HVAC system. They form a network of branching tubes installed within a house’s floors, walls and ceilings and are designed to carry air from the central air conditioner and the furnace to all the rooms in the home.

While air ducts are designed and installed to function optimally, there are instances wherein signs of damage or flaws indicate that air duct repair is needed. The biggest problem that homeowners should be aware of would be leaks.

When air ducts are poorly insulated or sealed, heated or cooled air can leak into unheated or unconditioned spaces. The heated or cooled air will either be lost or drawn into return ducts.

What happens when there is an air duct leak?

You’ll be looking at higher energy bills if air duct leaks remain undetected for extended periods of time. That means hundreds of dollars can be added onto your heating and cooling bills, and on top of that, your household isn’t receiving its heating and cooling requirements.

Your air ducts make up one of the most important systems within your property.

What’s more, there is a risk of contaminants entering the duct work and circulating around the house, exposing your family to allergens or potential illnesses.

What can you do?

Homeowners like you in San Jose, Bay Area and other locations can turn to our team of professionals at Ventwerx. We have highly trained and experienced technicians who can perform the appropriate air duct services, such as the proper inspection, analysis and repair of leaky air ducts.

Here’s what you can expect from our trusted and highly recommended team:

  • A free on-site visual inspection for all repairs and replacement services
  • A thorough discussion of all the available options for your particular situation
  • Effective and efficient repair and internal sealing of leaks within all air duct systems
Accredited by the Building performance Institute and awarded the Home Performance Green Certificate by, we’re the best choice for industry quality — and for your peace of mind.

Get in touch with us at Ventwerx by filling out our online service and repair form, scheduling your appointment online, or calling us toll-free at 866-699-VENT for more information today.