What’s The Average AC Repair Cost in San Jose?

Jun 5, 2018Air Conditioning, Blog

Hot summer nights are the worst time for your air conditioner to need repair. You learn quickly how hot the weather gets in San Jose when you’re leaking sweat on your sheets. Plus, the AC repair cost for emergencies can be astronomical.

The best you can do is prepare. First, you can follow our AC maintenance tips to survive summer. That should keep your air conditioner from breaking down when you need it the most. But if bad luck catches up on you when you least expect it, it helps to be acquainted with the average AC repair cost so you know exactly how much to keep on you.

This article will cover the average AC repair cost for common types of air conditioner problems.

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Average AC Repair Cost For Common Problems

General Consultation and Troubleshooting

An industry-standard HVAC company has undergone serious training and experience to be efficient at their jobs. This is reflected by their comprehensive knowledge and intuitive familiarity with all AC systems. A general consultation and troubleshooting session with them will easily cost between $75 and $180. The rates might also change depending on the seasons. For example, the AC repair cost for summer can be more expensive than the AC repair cost for winter.

If it’s an emergency call, an immediate response would demand extra charges.

After seeing the rates listed below, you might opt for a yearly professional maintenance of around $80 – $100. Not only would it be possibly cheaper in net costs, you can control the time of the year where you can schedule your appointment with them.


AC Repair Cost Related to Refrigerants

One of the commonly reported problems in air-conditioner is a refrigerant leak. Contrary to popular belief, the refrigerant is a gas substance inside a tank — the liquid leaking off your AC might just be water. It’s usually easy to know when your air conditioner has a leak, but it can take multiple methods to pinpoint the exact location of your leak.

The leak detection and repair might cost between $225 and $1600, depending on the methods used for detection, the materials consumed for repair, and the number of leaks mended. After patching up any source of leaks, your refrigerant will need to be refilled. AC refrigerant recharge will cost between $160 and $400. This will depend on the type of refrigerant needed to be filled. Some refrigerants are more expensive than others because of the Clean Air Act. This will depend entirely on the age of your air conditioner. That’s why it may be wise to replace your air conditioner with a newer, better model.


AC Repair Cost Related to Electric Parts and Circuitry

The AC is built to last, but some of its parts may not — especially if you’re in a place where voltage fluctuations may be a problem.

In the event where your circuit board is the problem, circuit board replacement may cost between $120 and $600. This depends on the model of the air conditioner. Newer models may cost higher than average, but rare old models will cost a premium.

If it’s just general circuity like relays, fuses, and circuit breakers, it might not be as expensive as you think. You might only spend for what’s needed to be replaced. This might cost between $15 and $300. This depends on the price of the replacement pieces and how much of it do you need to replace. If it’s the contactor or capacitor, it’s usually around $90 to $400.

Thermostat replacement goes around $60 to $250, depending on the model of course.


AC Repair Cost Related to AC Compressor and Condenser

For specific air conditioner parts like the compressor, condenser, or evaporator coil, it all depends on the model and the price of the part to be replaced. These are the more expensive items to repair and replace.

Home air compressor replacements range from $1350 to $1800, easily the most expensive item to replace. An AC compressor repair hard start kit goes at $100 to $250. An evaporator coil replacement costs about $650 to $1200. A condensing unit fan motor replacement bills from $100 to $300. The (potentially) least expensive of these is a condensate pump replacement which goes from $90 to $250.


How Much Does An AC Repair Cost In Ventwerx?

While these prices are situational, it is also dependent on the HVAC company that will serve you. If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC provider in San Jose, look no further — We’re here for you.

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Whatever the cost is, we’ll make sure that every penny is worth it.