8 Qualities That Makes A Good HVAC Contractor

May 5, 2018Blog

HVAC contractors are a dime a dozen. There are at least ten HVAC contractors near you that will bid for your home.

Out of these ten, there are only two to three tops that are truly worth it. Some are newbies with zero experience trying to experiment with your HVAC system. The others operate like snake oil salesmen, trying to get you to buy all sorts of products — some you probably don’t need — to increase their earnings.

But at the end of the day, it’s only wise to choose one. It’s inefficient to try them all. It’s like changing the President every turn of the year — they’ll all try to cancel out each other’s work for their own interests.

Every homeowner should learn how to choose wisely, and this article will teach you what to look for:


What Makes A Good HVAC Contractor?



Homeowners should start with the bare minimum. An HVAC contractor must meet the industry’s codes and standards. The best way to guarantee top market competence is accreditation.

Only respect accreditation from esteemed institutions that use an open, consensus-based process built on sound building science.

One of the best examples is Building Performance Institute (BPI), America’s premier credentialing, quality assurance, and standards-setting organization for home performance professionals.

So when choosing an HVAC contractor, hire someone with solid accreditation.


Cost-Effective, But Not Cheap

The secret to a healthy home is a well-balanced budget. To make things work, homeowners usually cut as much as they can so they still can save some extra. However, smart homeowners understand that frugal doesn’t mean ridiculously stingy. They know that money they saved from a cheap HVAC installation can mean money lost on repair, maintenance, and high energy bills.

The point is that if you start your search on the cheapest bidder, you’re in for a bad time. A low-balled price means that the HVAC contractor can afford to perform their service for cheap. That means they aren’t spending as much on necessary certificates and equipment. Most likely, you will get what you pay for — unprofessional, unreliable, unlicensed, uninsured, and unacceptable service.

Opt for cost-effective, but don’t opt for cheap. Get an HVAC contractor that guarantees quality performance and delivery. Choose among the normal price range. For the trouble it saves you, it’s worth every penny.


EPA Certified Technicians

Decent HVAC contractors set a high standard for their own service. They understand that good skilled work can only come from good skilled men.

You don’t want technicians who only know how to screw and hammer things around — and neither do great HVAC contractors. They hire technicians who understand the impact of their work on the bigger picture.

Great HVAC contractors only accept EPA certified technicians on their roster. They hire professionals, not amateurs.


Good Reputation

If you want to know if an HVAC contractor is good, start by asking the people they serviced. A good HVAC contractor has a good reputation. You know an HVAC contractor is good when your neighbors recommend them, your community knows them, and their old customers love them.

You can do this online by checking out review websites on the internet.



A great HVAC contractor makes your air better — not ruin them. They go the extra mile to make sure their work remains right and relevant.

Check if your HVAC contractor has signs of being environmentally-friendly. Again, one way to know this is through certificates. The EnergyStar.gov issues the distinguished Home Performance Green Certificate. Check if your HVAC contractor has one.


Seasoned Experts

How long has your HVAC contractor been in business? A great HVAC contractor had the time to practice and master their service. They don’t experiment on site — they have standard procedures. They know they can get the job done because they have done it before. They are not children with tools and big equipment. If you’re going to trust your house with complex systematical work, trust the adults.


Sells Only Quality Products

The thing about equipment is that it is objective. Performance is measurable. You can’t be subjective about the energy efficiency and longevity of an equipment. So if you do a little research, there will be a consensus about what the best equipment are.

A good HVAC contractor should have seen all the models out there. They should know which works best. And by doing a quick research, you can find out if your HVAC contractor is legitimate or a sleazy salesman.


Works For You — Not For Themselves

In this economy, you can’t just trust anyone. Everyone is out there thinking how to squeeze the last nickel out of your pocket. People will tell you completely made up stuff just to sell you something you don’t need. They will give you an initial price so low but will hit you back with invisible fees and “required” purchases.

When a good HVAC contractor is hired, they move their company’s interest out of the way to prioritize your interests. They work for you, not for your money.