Our lives are made easier because of innovations in technology and new inventions. Gone are the days wherein everything is done manually and by hand. Today, most work are done digitally and new innovations in technology are improving our lives for the better by making it easier and more comfortable.

Air conditioners nowadays are being constantly. We can see them wherever we go, whether in homes, businesses, restaurants, establishments, cars, etc. Our lives have been touched with the cool air of an air conditioner at least once. However, do we know all we need to know about conditioners? Do you know when to turn on your air conditioner? Do you know the effects of turning the air conditioner on all day? If not, then this article is perfect for you! Let us know more about the humble air conditioner.

This article will delve deeper into air conditioners and some information that everyone might not know.

What are air conditioners?

Nowadays, air conditioners are found in almost every homes and commercial buildings all around the world. They bring comfort to homes by providing cool air. An air conditioner is a machine or a system that uses and treats air in a usually closed and defined area via a refrigeration cycle in which warm air is removed and replaced with cooler and humid air. Whether in homes, vehicles, and in offices, the main purpose of an air conditioner is to provide comfort by altering the properties of air by cooling them or to adverse temperature. 

When to turn on air conditioning?

Turning on your air conditioner might not seem like a big deal but it actually is. There is an ideal time when to turn on your air conditioner to maximize its use and effort. Now that its summer, experts suggest to turn on your air conditioners all day to avoid overexposure to heat. World Health Organization or WHO recommends 18 degree Celsius as a minimum for indoor temperature but recommends 21 degrees if there are any children or elderly people.

We are all keen on conserving energy so maybe turning the air conditioner all day might not seem like a good idea for some. If that is the case, then try to estimate what time does the heat hits its peak. In other terms, estimate when the heat is really hot and try to turn on the air conditioner prior before that time so that you won’t have to suffer from the heat.

You can also look at the temperature online and try to make a daily schedule when to turn on your air conditioner if you think that turning them on all day is not a good idea. There are also a lot on phone applications you can look online to help you in this task.

If you need more tips on saving money on air conditioner during summer, here are some tips:

  • Invest in smart thermostats. If you are still sporting that old air conditioner of yours, then maybe it’s time to start investing in a brand new one. Smart thermostats are able to regulate heat and cold on their own, making them more energy and cost efficient than most air conditioners in the market. Though they may cost a bit more expensive, you are still experiencing everything it has to offer and even more.
  • Use a fan. If the heat is bearable on some times, then maybe it is a good idea to turn the fan for a while to let your air conditioner rest. The cool air from the air conditioner will still remain inside the room but the fan will add to that coolness without the extra cost of an air conditioner.
  • Close windows and blind. Heat from outside can greatly affect the temperature on the inside. Close the blinds to help cold air spread more faster. Moreover, closing windows can help in preventing cold air from escaping. Make sure that your windows are closed and the blinds are covering the sunlight to help the cold air unless you want to turn your air conditioner all day.
  • Schedule air conditioner use. If you can’t afford to turn your air conditioner all day, then it is best that you schedule your air condition use daily. Estimate the time to best turn on your air condition to avoid overexposure to heat. If you need help, there are articles and phone applications online to help you in the process.

Having an air conditioner is a great responsibility. As a home owner, you must be able to find new and innovative ways to maximize the full potential of your air conditioner without spending so much. Contact Ventwerx now for more advices on air conditioners. We also install air conditioners in a very affordable price. Click here now to get started.