Yes, You Need to Have Your Furnace Maintained (And Here’s Why)

Jan 15, 2018Blog, Heating

If you own a house in San Jose, we probably don’t need to tell you how cold it can get from late November up to March. During these days, you’ll be happy to be in the comfort of the great indoors where there’s a working gas furnace.

But what if your gas furnace breaks out of nowhere on a Sunday night, and there’s no one to call?

It’s definitely not the best situation to be in. It’s your home. You and your family need to be warm when you’re resting, relaxing, or working at home.

So ask yourself — have you done anything recently to make sure this doesn’t happen?


If a gas furnace breaks, it’s probably not from out of nowhere. There are proper maintenance routines that should be done at least every year to ensure that your furnace works like it’s supposed to when you need it.

Not only that, there are benefits to proper furnace maintenance:

Lower Utility Bills

Without proper maintenance, your furnace is not going to be as optimal and energy efficient as it should always be. The result: Your dusty rusty furnace will work harder (and consume more) to heat up your whole house. If your bills are higher than it should be, it’s worth taking a look at your furnace.


Safety and Prevention

A LOT can go wrong with a faulty or an ill-maintained furnace.

Some by-products may yield from gas furnace chemical processes. When there are unseen leaks in your heating unit, it may not end well for the people inside your home. Some of these gasses will be odorless, and it might be too late before you realize that something’s wrong.

There’s the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning where household members may experience unexplained and fatal symptoms. There are fire hazards where compromised electric circuits may ignite the gas contained by the unit. There are also flammable gas leaks where disaster can happen in a snap second and result in an explosion.

You DO NOT want any of these to happen. A lot of these happen simply because of a few (or just one!) broken or malfunctioning parts. This could be avoided with annual furnace maintenance.


Extend Equipment Life

Neglected furnaces have lower lifespans than those who receive proper annual maintenance. That’s fine if heating systems are cheap — but they’re not. Annual maintenance will save you more money for the long-term by not having to replace your furnace much earlier than you need to.


Can I Do The Furnace Maintenance Myself?

You’re probably wondering this. You were probably told that there’s not much to it. You were probably told that ‘proper maintenance’ is as simple as replacing filters and cleaning your condenser coil.

Let me tell you that it isn’t. Those are basic, but those are not the only things that will get the job done.

Can you do your furnace maintenance yourself? Of course, you can. We’re not going to be the one telling you that this is rocket science. You can look it up on the internet and follow a guideline on what to do. Paying for services is usually not worth it if you can do the work yourself and you know what you’re doing. It’s your home, after all.

But if you live in San Jose, the capital city of Silicon Valley, your time is probably more valuable than your money. You have other pressing issues that you need to attend to. Doing furnace maintenance is probably out of the way.

If you’re not willing to bet on yourself pulling it off with no remaining issues, that’s where you need professional service. Let’s face it, the people who have been doing this for years will be better than you. And if you value the benefits of a properly maintained furnace — especially safety — you’ll want it to be done right.

You’re not just paying for people to take a look at your unit, you’re paying for the value of reliability and security. You’re paying for people to get it done — out of sight and out of mind.


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We’re here to make sure that you and your family can rest easy and stay cozy.

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