Your home’s insulation system plays a major role in ensuring a comfortable interior climate through the changing seasons.

Therefore, if it’s no longer doing a good job of maintaining the ideal temperature in your house and you’ve also noticed that your home is racking up energy expenses, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough inspection to determine if you’re already in need of insulation replacement.

It’s important to note that insulation when properly installed and maintained can serve your home well for decades upon decades. Thus, if it ceases to provide interior comfort over time, it’s likely that it’s been neglected or something happened along the way that compromised its functional integrity.

Provided below are the tell-tale signs that your insulation has been compromised and that it’s time to save up for a necessary insulation replacement.

Insulation Replacement Warning Signs:

1. You can see light coming through the cracks of your attic floor

The presence of gaps in your attic insulation is responsible for heat loss. What happens is that heat rises right up out of your house. During the chilly months, your home will not be able to stay as warm as it needs to be because heat is always escaping out of those gaps. This will prompt your HVAC system to work harder and consume more energy.

2. There is a spike in your energy bill without change in your home activities

This is always a reliable indication that there’s something wrong with a home’s HVAC system and insulation. Heating and cooling components are the biggest energy users in the home; they consume more energy than necessary if they’re old and if the insulation’s thin, old, damaged or not properly installed. Once you have your insulation professionally replaced, you’ll automatically see a significant difference in your energy bill.

3. Icy home exterior

During the winter, and when your home looks icier than all the other homes in the neighborhood, that’s most likely because your insulation is not doing the job it’s supposed to be doing. If your home is old, your insulation may have become thin over time.

4. Pest infestation

Pests in your home such as rats, mice, flies, cockroaches, squirrels and even snakes indicate a compromised insulation system. All these creepy crawlies and fliers also appreciate the warmth that insulation brings to the building, but they tend to not just nibble on the material but also build a nest with it. You need to have your insulation removed and replaced if you spot these pests anywhere near where your insulation is installed to restore a healthy home environment.

“If you’re feeling a little iffy about inspecting your home’s insulation yourself, you don’t have to.”

We at Ventwerx can take care of that task for you and we’ll go about it in the most thorough manner. Apart from insulation inspection, we can even provide advice on which type and R-value of insulation are most suitable for your home.

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Here’s how we’ll go about your home’s insulation inspection:

  • We’ll advise an energy audit to determine how leaky or tight the structure currently is, and where the hidden leaks are located (infrared technology is typically used for this process). Likewise, there’ll be an inspection of the HVAC system to ensure that it’s functioning properly. We go about these because it may qualify you for rebates with your utility company.
  • A report will be provided to help you understand the extent of work that needs to be done in order to make your home as properly insulated as possible. We also include information on the best insulation products available and what they can do to improve your home.

Once we’re done with inspection, we can provide you the estimate quote for the removal and replacement job. If you’re financially ready for the project, just give us a call to schedule the removal and replacement.

Our insulation removal and replacement service includes:

  • Complete cleanup of the area
  • Complete removal of your old and damaged insulation materials
  • Proper disposal of insulation materials (especially if they’re contaminated with pest urine and feces)
  • Proper installation of new insulation to replace the old one (we use the best tools and equipment to ensure the insulation functions effectively and efficiently)

It’s quite a demanding job but we spare no effort in making sure that you get the insulation you need to ensure the ideal interior climate of your home, as well as reduce your energy consumption.


We are experts on R-values (the measurement of thermal resistance based on the insulation’s thickness and density, as well as the material used) – you can be certain that our inspection replacement will serve your home’s best advantage.

For more information regarding insulation, don’t hesitate to reach out here or give us a call. We are always ready to provide solutions; our customer service personnel are highly knowledgeable and willing to help you in any way possible for all your HVAC needs!