New HVAC Technology To Watch In 2019

Jan 6, 2019Air Conditioning, Blog

Technology is constantly changing, and since HVAC has become one of the most widely used technologies today, it’s only getting more sophisticated.

The main goal when innovating HVAC systems is raising efficiency, and companies like Carrier are always set out to do just that.

2019 will bring some great new technologies to the HVAC field and as an air conditioning and heating user, it would benefit you to stay up on these innovations. If any of them catch your interest, be sure to contact Ventwerx about having them installed in your home.

Raising HVAC Efficiency in 2019

HVAC systems have been steadily gaining efficiency since they were invented. However more recently we have started to see some really big improvements in HVAC technology. Here are just a few examples of innovations in HVAC that we will see in 2019:


Smart Homes

The internet is becoming more and more integrated into our lives every day. The advent of smart homes has made this even more common because homes are being designed with smart technology incorporated into their systems.

This allows you to control your thermostat from your phone, and program the heating and cooling systems with much more specificity. Being able to control your thermostat remotely also has its perks because you can make sure your heating and air conditioning aren’t running when you don’t need them.

Variable Speed Fans

In the past, ventilation fans only had two settings: on and off. Only recently did they start making fans that could change speeds, and this innovation makes HVAC systems much more efficient.

Changing the speed of your fan makes it possible to run it on high on really hot days, when you need it most, or on low during more mild days. If you are reluctant to turn on your A/C but aren’t comfortable in your home, a variable speed fan will make you feel better about adjusting that thermostat.

Better Controls

Thermostats that are programmable are proven to be much more energy efficient. As stated above, smart thermostats make your home much more efficient because they give you so much more control over how your system runs.

Here is a list of the best smart thermostats on the market today.

Sensors are also being used to detect things like temperature and humidity in residential and commercial structures. These make it easier to program a smart thermostat to turn on and off in the pursuit of maximum comfort.

Sound Reduction

This is less about efficiency and more about comfort. HVAC systems can be loud, and you can almost always tell when they turn on and off.

Thanks to innovations like better, quieter compressors make for a much less noisy HVAC system. This means no more waking up to the sound of your heater turning on in the middle of the night.

Better Refrigerants

Old HVAC systems run with a refrigerant called R22, also known as Freon, which has been proven to be bad for the ozone layer. Because of this, the EPA has decided to phase out this type of refrigerant.

Newer air conditioning systems use much more environmentally friendly refrigerants like R410a. These have shown to be easier on the environment without costing sacrificing any efficiency.

Geothermal Heat Pump

This is not new technology, in fact, geothermal heating and cooling have been on the market since the 1940s. Geothermal systems, in essence, use the heat from underground to heat your home.

They are considered a “green” technology and are known to have a smaller carbon footprint. They are very common in Europe, however, they have started to regain traction in the US because of the push to “go green”.

Geothermal systems are known to be up to four times as efficient at heating and cooling your home than traditional HVAC systems.  Heating and air conditioning get more advanced and more efficient every year.

There is always something about HVAC that can improve. 2019 is bringing some great new HVAC technology that will provide more comfort while saving you money on energy costs.


If you’re at all interested in installing any of the above technologies in your home, be sure to contact us at Ventwerx. We are here to help your home reach its highest potential and are fully capable of installing the most recent innovations into your HVAC system.


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