In order to keep your home comfortable all year round, the household should make it a habit to have the furnace taken through routine inspection and maintenance at regular intervals to avoid Furnace Problems.

“When you manage to make this part of your routine, you can have greater peace of mind that your furnace will remain in great working condition even when the colder months roll in.”

Some households, however, may not be able to keep this routine up, and as a result, they may wake up one day to discover that the furnace isn’t working as well as it should, or may have stopped working entirely.

There are a number of common furnace problems that you may come across:

Normal wear and tear. Whether you’ve only had your furnace for a few months or some years, it will naturally display signs of wear and tear due to its regular operation.

The filters are dirty. Left unchecked for prolonged periods, your furnace’s filters and ducts can quickly accumulate dust, which causes the furnace to work harder. Airflow becomes reduced and some of its parts may sustain damage.

There is not enough heat, or no heat at all. The furnace may be the wrong size and is thus unable to sufficiently heat the space. Alternatively, dust buildup or damage to the pilot light or thermostat may be the issue.

The furnace makes noise. Rattling, squeaking or rumbling are typical sounds that can come from a furnace that has a mechanical problem.

According to specialists in furnace repair and furnace installation in San Jose, some of these issues can be readily resolved if the homeowner takes time to observe the furnace and to consult the owner’s manual.

There are some simple fixes that a furnace owner can perform until the furnace can be checked by a professional, like cleaning or replacing the filters or checking or replacing the battery of the thermostat.

However, there are also some issues that are better left to the expertise of HVAC companies.

The following are some Furnace Problems best left to the Ventwerx Experts:


  • Furnace Problems - VentwerxIf your existing furnace is in dire need of a replacement, it’s best to get the experts to do it. They can determine the appropriate type and size for your home.
  • Mechanical issues. HVAC specialists, who received the proper training for repairing furnaces, are still the best people to address mechanical issues. If you attempt to do it yourself and tinker with the furnace incorrectly, you risk causing additional problems or voiding the warranty.
  • Propane or natural gas issues. For furnaces that appear to have a faulty gas pressure regulator or valve, HVAC expertise is necessary to ensure safety throughout the repair process.
  • Problems with the pilot light or ignition. Finally, faulty electrical components will trigger worse problems. Rely on a person with extensive experience in ignition issues should be called in to resolve these.

If any of these Furnace Problems apply to you then don’t hesitate to contact Ventwerx for a service call!