An efficient furnace makes for a very comfortable home. The appliance, which is fired by gas, oil, or wood, will heat your home. When the device suddenly breaks down—in the middle of winter—you’ll be in for a cold awakening. Because like other appliances, a furnace doesn’t just stop working. It gives you clues if something isn’t right with it.



To avoid getting caught without efficient heating during cold season, here are seven unmistakable signs that indicate your furnace needs professional repair.


  1. Your electric bill has progressively increased.

Every month, you notice a sharp increase in your electric bill. Before it gets any bigger, you might want to call a furnace repair professional.


Rising electric bills could indicate that your furnace isn’t running efficiently. It may be due to old age or poor maintenance. Whatever the reason may be, something is making your furnace run longer to generate the amount of heat your home needs.


  1. You’re constantly adjusting the thermostat.

One room isn’t getting any heat while another room is getting too much of it. At some point in the day, you’re fiddling with the thermostat to keep your home comfortable. This could mean that your furnace isn’t properly distributing heat in every room.


  1. You’re seeing yellow.

That is, in the pilot light. If it’s burning yellow, it means that the gas combination of your furnace isn’t good and it’s creating carbon monoxide. What you want to see is a blue flame, which means a good balance of gases.


  1. Your furnace is making unusual noises.

From banging and popping to whining and squealing, your furnace may be creating all kinds of loud noises. This may indicate that a loose belt, an ignition issue, or a component replacement is in order. Get it fixed before it roars to a stop.


  1. You’ve noticed ice on your roof.

Ice is forming where it shouldn’t, like the roof. This will mean that heat is escaping through your attic. This not only adds to the rising cost of your electric bill but also keeps your home from being comfortable.


  1. Your family doesn’t seem to be feeling better.

Flu-like symptoms, asthma attacks, allergies—everyone seems to be feeling under the weather. This may indicate bad air quality in the home because your system may be circulating dust and other irritants inside.


  1. Your furnace is older than grandma.

Finally, your furnace has been around for ages. Your unit may need a replacement rather than a repair if it’s over 15 years old. You should shop for one before an emergency situation presents itself. When that happens, you will not have the luxury of considering a furnace replacement cost. So get your aging furnace looked at by a professional and act fast if you need a new one.