How Much Does A Ductless Heating And Cooling System Cost?

Feb 15, 2018Air Conditioning, Blog, Heating

You might be having some ideas to ditch your duct-based HVAC and the problems that come with it. You want to invest in a Ductless HVAC System. But you’re like me, you tend to think through your choices and not just rush into hasty decisions. That’s exactly what a responsible homeowner should be.

We already know that you’re making a good decision by opting for ductless air conditioning. Today, we’re going to discuss what ductless air conditioner installation entails and how much ductless heating and cooling system cost.

Let’s begin:


Ductless HVAC installation costs a national average cost of $2500, ranging from $1800 and $7000. The wide span of low-end and high-end tells you the story — there are many variables at play that determines how much the bill is.


Home Size

The larger the home is, the more expensive it would be. Cooling or heating a 3000 square foot home requires more power than cooling or heating a 2000 square foot home. This means it would use more labor, more expensive equipment, and more units.

Yes, more units or more powerful HVAC systems are essential to efficiently cool or heat a larger home. Systems lacking in units or power will costs more in the long run since it runs harder to keep up with the room size. This will make a mark on your energy bill or maintenance bill when your system inevitably breaks down.


Type of Zone System

Remember: You need 20 BTUs per square foot. You need to find a unit with a zone system that fits the area of what you’re trying to cool.

A single-type zone system costs around $1800 for the equipment. This has an above average SEER rating of 17 or higher, and a BTU of 24K. A double-type zone system costs around $2500 for the equipment. This has an above average SEER rating of 16 or higher, and a BTU of 18K. A triple-type zone system costs around $3000 for the equipment. This has an above average SEER rating of 16.2 or higher, and a BTU of 24K. A quad-type zone system costs around $3800 for the equipment. This has an above average SEER rating of 16.5 or higher, and a BTU of 24K.


Professional Fee

If you want something done right, hire professionals. It’s that simple.

Ductless air conditioner installation always needs a team of knowledgeable experts to execute properly. You wouldn’t want weekend warriors or inexperienced newbies to handle a permanent installation on your house.

The thing is: labor prices vary from state to state, as there are different requirements and laws for each. That’s also one reason why the national average has a wide range.


Removal of Old HVAC Equipment

If the project isn’t in a brand new house, ductless air conditioner installation usually involves the removal of outdated tech. The price of this one depends on how large the old HVAC system is and how challenging the actual removal would be. For example, an old HVAC system on a small house would cost less to remove than a whole mansion’s worth of HVAC — especially if removal involves working a lot on the house’s crawlspace or ceiling.

This also includes managing of existing ductwork that is no longer required. This usually entails filling up those holes or voids in the ceiling, but it could also be a lot of things.


Difficulty of Space Being Worked In

Installing HVAC systems can be tricky in some houses, especially those with narrow spaces and filthy surroundings. It would take more brains and brawns to solve problems and strategize solutions on site. This usually means paying more for labor, expertise, and materials.


Creating an Opening in Exterior Wall

The installation process usually comes with the drilling, breaking, and reconstruction of a spot in your home’s wall. Naturally, this would mean paying for materials and labor. The larger the holes are or the more of holes there are, the more expensive it would be for the homeowner.


Upgrading and Installing Electrical Supplies

Your outdated HVAC system may be powered by outdated electrical systems and supplies. These also need to go. Same rule: the more of something needs to be done, the more expensive the quote would be. This isn’t an exception.




Smart homeowners make informed decisions before making big investments. We understand the need to measure exactly how much a project would go.

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