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The Infinity® series air conditioners by Carrier were designed and made to be the best units the company has to offer. This central air conditioner unit features a two stage compression, a high efficiency rate, and quiet operation. The Infinity® Central Air Conditioner truly lives up to the Carrier name.
carrier air conditioner | carrier air conditioning | Ventwerx HVAC


Efficiency is a huge concern among the loyal clients of Ventwerx HVAC San Jose. And to them, we recommend Carrier’s Performance 17 Central Air Conditioner. Not only is it economical, it’s dynamic. With its two-stage compression, you can hope for a comfortable and quiet summer.
carrier air conditioner | carrier air conditioning | Ventwerx HVAC


The Comfort series of air conditioners is designed to give you simple, efficient, affordable cooling. And with impressive SEER ratings they can still make you smile when it comes time to pay your energy bill.

San Jose Air Conditioning & Cooling Products

Carrier products are trusted to bring the following advantages, allowing you to realize their promise of creating “the ideal climate for your home.”

Energy efficiency–Their units are engineered to match precisely the cooling requirements of your home, so you consume only the amount of energy that you exactly need. The result: lower power bills and a more earth-friendly home.

Quiet operation – Carrier is committed to providing maximum comfort. With their intelligent technology, they created powerful cooling machines that offer the desired temperature while running on a low, slow and amazingly quiet operation.

Consistent comfort – Millions of households attest to the reliable performance and long-term durability of Carrier cooling and heating solutions.

Combined with the technical know-how of Ventwerx installation professionals, you ensure that the Carrier unit you choose will be performing to its full potential for a long time.

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