When Do You Need A Furnace Replacement?

Feb 28, 2018Blog, Heating

Like everything in this world, nothing is permanent. Like an aging human body, furnaces go through entropy — which means it’ll break down sometime along the way. The only question is: When would that be? Will it break at a convenient time, or will it break in the middle of a cold winter on a Sunday evening? It’s a real worry for families to be caught off guard at a difficult situation.

Should I Opt for Furnace Replacement?

Homeowners might find it difficult to decide between being proactive and patiently wait for a system’s demise. You just never know when it’s a perfect time. Luckily, there are clear warning signs that a furnace replacement is in order. You might be able to save yourself from awful scenarios by being a smart homeowner.

Your Furnace Is Ten Years Old and Up

The average life of a heating and cooling system is 12 to 18 years — to failure. Even before that, your furnace would be a fraction of what it used to be causing it to struggle a lot. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your furnace is replaced after the 10-year mark. You can still choose to squeeze more out of your system, but you won’t be saved from a lot of expensive repairs that an aging furnace would be subject to.

Speaking of…

Your Furnace is Needing Repairs More Often

If your furnace is at the point of its life where it needs constant mechanical repairs, you’re better off replacing it anyway. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time. Costly repairs make furnace replacement the cost-effective solution. Even if, let’s say, you’re making small “cheap” repairs. Those small repairs accumulate into a value greater than what a new furnace cost.

Also, any repair that cost more than half the cost of a furnace replacement should convince you to replace your furnace instead.

Your Furnace is Hot — Your House is Not

If your furnace feels as if it’s doing its best to give out heat and yet you don’t feel it around your house, that’s a clear sign that you’re headed for an expensive repair or even equipment failure. At that point, you should just opt for a furnace replacement.

Your Utility Bills Are Going Up

You might think you’re saving money by delaying that furnace replacement. However, the money sink may just be going elsewhere — like your utility bills. An ineffective furnace will be working twice as much than usual to heat an area, causing an increase in utility bills. If the other parts of your house are performing as usual and your furnace has been showing signs of struggling, it’s highly possible that it’s coming from your furnace.

You’re Always Adjusting Your Thermostat

As your system struggles to keep up, you might find yourself regularly adjusting the thermostat just to make your house feel more comfortable. If your furnace is finding it difficult to maintain temperature, you should have it replaced.

Your Furnace is Shutting Down at Random

This one’s just a clear sign your furnace belongs to a junkyard. Once reliability has been compromised, you should always move on to furnace replacement.

What Are the Benefits of a New Furnace?

Getting rid of your old clunky furnace is a benefit in itself (imagine the relief!), but it doesn’t end there. Not only would it save you from any unproductive costly repairs for at least 10 years, there are some big benefits to having your furnace replaced.

Optimal Utility Bills

Earlier, we mentioned that an ineffective furnace would cost you a higher utility bill. A new furnace, on the other hand, would be much more energy efficient. You would be spending less money during the cold days. If you add up your savings and place it side-by-side with how you would spend if you kept your old furnace, you could see that it almost makes up for the new furnace cost.

Even Heating

Another big benefit that you would get from having a new furnace is even heating. Say goodbye to cold spots—your house would be the same temperature at every corner. New furnaces run at full efficiency, and would probably stay that way for the years to come.

Opportunity for an Overhaul

If you’re tired of the cons that come with ducts and have been considering to upgrade to a ductless heating system, a furnace replacement is your opportunity to do just that.

If you’re missing out on information, here’s an article that covers 8 advantages from ductless heating and cooling.

HVAC Systems Check

You can take advantage of the fact that an HVAC crew is working around your house. You could ask them to check out your HVAC system in its entirety and give a professional opinion on where you could do better. Bonus: The HVAC crew can probably spot a problem before it turns into an expensive repair. This would not only save you money, it would also give you a better understanding of how to manage your house in the future. Treat the whole thing as a free professional inspection.