Saving Energy with smart energy use is more important for homeowners than ever before. Homeowners across the country  have become more willing to invest in energy-saving measures for their property. This is a great development because better home energy management can lead to more savings, better property performance, and improved health and comfort for the household.

When you work on reducing energy use, you can enjoy annual cost savings from lower utility bills, enhanced comfort in your living spaces, improved indoor air quality, and a boost in the value of your home.

While enjoying these advantages, you also get to do your part in protecting the environment, since lower energy use means reduced dependency on the Earth’s irreplaceable energy resources.

“The good news is that individuals and families can do their share in saving energy according to their capacity.”

If you’re watching your budget, for instance, it’s perfectly fine to start with individual upgrades and small, impactful changes that won’t incur large costs. Some examples would be instituting house rules on switching appliances off when not in use. Once you have enough funds, you can then invest in big-ticket measures such as switching to high-efficiency equipment and carrying out energy saving retrofits and upgrades for your property.

Saving Energy with Four Critical Steps:

If you’re serious about taking your home’s energy saving initiatives to the next level, a “whole-house” approach is your best bet. In CA, energy upgrade projects for single-family homes can be eligible for the Home Upgrade program, which lets you:

– Receive incentives and rebates of as much as $6,500.

– Get maximum savings when you bundle multiple energy efficient improvements for your property.

– Determine the right upgrades for your home with the help of participating contractors – they are home energy professionals who have the training and skills to implement a “whole-house” energy efficiency approach for you.

– Get help from these contractors on the step-by-step process, from completing the required paperwork to implementing the upgrades to ensuring your home complies with established safety standards in your area.

For higher energy reduction of up to 45 percent, you can take a look at the Advanced Home Upgrade.

Some of the upgrades that let you increase your home’s energy efficiency by at least 10 percent include those for air sealing for the entire house, insulation, duct sealing, and switching to more energy-efficient AC and furnace systems.

Saving EnergyThis program will entail developing an energy plan customized to your home’s specific needs and will let you undertake bigger projects such as the installation of a cool roof, high-efficiency windows, tankless water systems, and a whole house fan.

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