According to Energy Star, the average amount of money spent by a single family home toward electricity is around $2,000. Of this number, cooling accounts for 13 percent. Heating accounts for the largest share at 29 percent, followed by electronics at 21 percent, water heating at 13 percent, lighting at 12 percent, and appliances at 12 percent.

The importance of making the right choice

As you will notice, heating and cooling, combined, account for about 50 percent of your family’s monthly energy usage. As such, it is critical to make the right choices when it concerns heating and cooling in your home.

When it makes sense to go ductless

Sometimes, buying and installing a central air conditioning system is simply impractical or impossible. Examples of such cases would include living in older homes and situations wherein the installation of additional ductwork is simply difficult, if not too costly. In these cases, professionals recommend the use of HVAC split-systems.
“A split-system HVAC like the Fujitsu mini-split system works like a central air-conditioning system. However, it does not require the installation of ducts.”
Instead, these air-conditioners use a condenser placed outdoors and units with blowers which are installed indoors. Both outdoor and indoor components are connected by a tubing which contains various parts and circulates the refrigerant.

Why go ductless?

Ductless air-conditioners offer a few advantages. For one, their small size and flexibility allow homeowners to create zones or to heat and cool individual areas in a home. Each zone is controlled by a thermostat which means that you do not have to waste energy cooling unoccupied areas inside your home. These air-conditioners are also easier to install and require a two- or three-inch hole on the wall where the conduit will pass. The outdoor unit can be placed strategically outside the property, giving homeowners flexibility in how they can use their outdoor space. Plus, the outdoor unit can be placed in an inconspicuous area where it can be less of an eyesore. The indoor units look great and can be mounted on ceilings or walls. There are some models which have floor standing indoor units.

Why we recommend Fujitsu Mini-Split Systems

When it comes to split-system air-conditioners, Fujitsu is recognized as one of the leading brands — and unsurprisingly so, considering its advantages.

Ductless = More savings for you

On average, 30 percent of energy is lost through things called duct losses. These duct losses refer to the cooling and heating energy lost through improperly sealed ducts. Because Fujitsu’s offerings use ductless technology, these losses are eliminated. In turn, you can cool your home more efficiently and save more money in the long run.


Fujitsu Mini-split uses a multi-room system which allows you to create zones inside your home. This system attaches one outdoor unit to up to eight indoor units. Each indoor unit can then be set to a different temperature. Plus, you can turn each indoor unit on and off which means you do not have to cool unoccupied zones.

Versatility and comfort

Fujitsu’s ductless air-conditioner can double as a heater for the winter season with just a click of the remote control. This means you can cool and heat your home with greater ease with just one system.

Ease of installation

Because the HVAC system does not require the use of ducts, it can be installed quicker than a central air-conditioning system. Quick installation can translate to more savings for you.

Indoor unit style options

Fujitsu’s mini-split systems have indoor units that are available in four configurations: wall-mounted, floor-mounted, slim duct, and ceiling cassette. This means that you can surely find an indoor unit that matches the style of your home’s interiors.

Quiet performance

Another reason why we recommend Fujitsu to our clients, especially those with babies in the household, is because of the quiet performance of its mini-split ACs. The heat pumps are virtually inaudible; plus, the indoor units have a Quiet Mode.

Harnessing new technologies

The system is connected via Wi-Fi and can be controlled using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer connected to the internet. You can either download an app or log on to a website.

The Fujitsu Mini-split Guarantee

Ductless Heating and Cooling - San Jose CA Ductless Ventwerx HVACFujitsu has earned the enviable reputation of being one of the most reliable air-conditioner brands today. That reputation does not come as a stroke of luck. The company has combined its 40 years of industry experience along with investments in state-of-the-art testing technology which has resulted in air-conditioners which are unparalleled in reliability. These, combined with topnotch quality control systems and a team of highly skilled engineers and inspectors, make Fujitsu’s air-conditioners built to last. The company promises 99.99 percent reliability for its offerings. Still unsure about whether a Fujitsu Mini-split system HVAC system is right for your home? Talk to us. We’ll be glad to speak more about these air-conditioners and give you invaluable advice before you make a decision.