A new home will not be complete without a properly installed HVAC system.  You want your home environment to be as comfortable as possible and ductless heating can help with that.

There is a wide range of HVAC systems available, so if you’re looking for a heating system to keep your home warm and cozy (especially during the chilly months), ductless heating comes highly recommended by many.

Why choose ductless heating?

One of the leading reasons why many opt for ductless heating is that it allows households to better manage energy consumption.

HVAC specialists say that ductless heating operates on less power than traditional systems; plus, when you use this system, you only heat areas of your home that you actually want heated. This system provides focused air conditioning.

Quick and easy installation

A second advantage is that they are easier to install. If you don’t really want to make any changes to the structural make-up of your home when you install an HVAC system, ductless heating is the ideal solution.

It can be set up in almost any location in your property. There are split-systems that actually just require a small hole for proper set-up. You don’t have to worry about creating big holes in your walls or ceilings for ducts where heated air will be released.

Improves air quality

Ductless heating systems actually have more control features and functionalities than ducted air conditioners. You truly will have better control over energy consumption and even the level of comfort your family gets from the system.

The latest ductless heating systems on the market even have multi-stage filtration that reduces the amount of bacteria, pollen and other potentially harmful particulates in the air.

Easier to maintain

They’re so much easier to maintain compared to ducted systems. In fact, you can even take care of some of the regular maintenance requirements such as cleaning and replacing filters.

Likewise, since ductless heating systems are not “concealed” like ducted ones, it’s a lot easier to monitor their performance and see whether they’re running smoothly or they need to be inspected by HVAC professionals to restore proper functioning.

Lower your carbon footprint

And lastly, if you care about the environment, this system is the more environmentally responsible option. Since it doesn’t consume a lot of energy, you get to reduce your carbon footprint.

Plus, a lot of ductless heating systems have green components that ensure that using the system doesn’t have a harmful impact on the environment.Winter Heating Tips - San Jose, CA - Ventwerx HVAC

Winter heating tips to help you save

Now, if you really want to reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining the ideal temperature in your home, you can help your ductless heating system function optimally by following these tried and tested winter heating tips.

  1. Keep your curtains, drapes, and blinds open during the day and closed at night. During the day, take advantage of the heat of the sun to contribute to indoor heating. At night however, keep the window covers down or closed to make sure that the cold coming from the windows doesn’t overwork the heating system.
  1. Roll out the carpet. If you don’t really have carpets at home because you like the look of your floors, winter is the best time to change styles by using carpets. Carpets provide additional insulation.
  1. For additional insulation, purchase bubble wrap and cover your windows with it.
  1. Seal your doors with weather stripping. Air leaks are always a big problem because they make it harder for HVAC systems to achieve the ideal temperature for the home. When heating systems work harder, they consume more energy, so seal those doors properly with those self-adhesive rubber seals. Do this to your windows, too (you can also use caulk).
  1. Turn down the thermostat when there are lots of people at home. Body heat can actually contribute to achieving an ideal indoor temperature. Doing this when necessary will also have a positive impact on your monthly energy bill.
  1. If you use ceiling fans at home, switch their turning direction to clockwise. Doing this will draw up the cold air that naturally settles on the floor and bring it up to the ceiling where warm air rises. The fan will push warm air back down and help the heating system warm the room much faster.
  1. Cook at home a bit more. The heat from the stove can make the heating system’s job a whole lot easier – it would be nice for the family to enjoy hot soup more often this winter, too.
  1. Move your furniture so they don’t block your vents. You want to make sure that heated air is dispersed properly, so keep furniture and appliances blocking the vents out of the way. Here’s a special tip from HVAC experts: Keep the couch or sofa away from your heating system. While it feels great to be properly warmed when you’re seated, the sofa or couch simply absorbs most of the heat.

This winter, keep your new home warm and toasty with a ductless heating system. If you’re unsure about what kind of system to get for your home, turn to your local HVAC professional for advice.

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