Furnace installation is very much similar to purchasing a new car or a second-hand one running in tip-top condition. Over time, parts reach the end of their lifespan while others break down due to daily use. Just like your automobile, your furnace is made up of different components that will need to be replaced in order to perform optimally and allow you to save on energy costs. In the same way that a good car owner subjects his ride to regular maintenance to avoid emergency breakdowns, a homeowner should subject his furnace system to regular care and maintenance to avoid the costly furnace repair San Jose residents dread.

Here at Ventwerx, there are several issues we address that create the need for furnace repair. However, the most common of which are thermostat problems which cause lack of heat, problems with airflow which lead to overheating or inefficient heating control, dirty filters which lead to airflow problems, ignition problems, and simple lack of care and maintenance.

One easy maintenance tip that we often give to our clients is to clean their air filters regularly and replace these from time to time. As simple as it may seem, a majority of furnace problems can be traced back to dirty motors which can be easily prevented if you clean your filter regularly. With this simple tip, you’ll prevent costly labor and replacement parts costs and you are assured that your system is performing optimally during the cooler season while allowing you to save on energy costs.

If your home is currently undergoing renovation, we recommend keeping your furnace’s registers closed off to prevent dust from gathering into your system. Tasks that generate dust and other particles should be performed outdoors. And as much as possible, do not turn your furnace system on as this will prevent the circulation of dust into your system.

For other instances, we highly recommend that you let a professional, like one of our staff members, look into your system on a regular schedule, just before the onset of the cooler months. Many of these maintenance tasks require the knowledge and expertise of a pro and cannot be simply performed by an ordinary homeowner without risking damage to the system or harm to the individual performing the work.

Surely, this will cost a few dollars, but rest assured that this is money well spent as compared to costly repairs and parts replacement — or worse, total replacement of the system. Invest in regular maintenance and you’ll end up saving more in the long run.