Air duct cleaning involves cleansing parts of your home’s heating and cooling system. Cleaning these components removes the buildup of contaminants and pollutants such as dust, pollen and other types of debris.

Should you have your air ducts cleaned?

Consider the following benefits of Air Duct Cleaning Services:

1. Improves air quality indoors

A home can contain a hodgepodge of different pollutants. On average, a family may produce as much as 40 pounds of dust every year.

Over time, other contaminants and allergens such as pollen, other types of debris, chemicals, bacteria, and fungi will begin accumulating all around you. Open your air duct’s registers and you will see evidence of some of this buildup.

Whenever you turn on your HVAC units, all of these pollutants are blown into the air inside your home. As a result, home air quality worsens. By availing of air duct cleaning services, you can remove the pollutants and prevent them from being dispersed into the air and breathed back into your lungs.

Improving the home ventilation is also beneficial for kids, the elderly and people who suffer from bouts of allergies, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other forms of respiratory ailments.

These groups are more sensitive and react quicker to specific types of allergens or contaminants than the general public. When you get your air ducts cleaned, you reduce the amount of allergens in the air. As a result, the people living in your home are less likely to get sick or have trouble breathing.

2. Save on energy costs

According to data derived from the U.S. Department of Energy, 25 to 40 percent of energy that goes through the HVAC system is wasted. In terms of energy costs, this equates to $300 a year.

The buildup of contaminants inside makes the system less efficient in maintaining the desired temperature inside the home. This causes the system to work harder. As a result, this shortens the lifespan of your HVAC system. If this happens, you will end up spending more on repairs and replacing parts.

By maintaining your HVAC system and making sure it is cleaned on a regular basis, your system will work more efficiently. Less energy is wasted, leading to added savings.

Air duct cleaning removes mold in your home

3. Eliminate molds

Molds come in many forms. Some types of mold and fungi can cause major health problems. Spores can contain mycotoxins and other toxic substances. Inhaling or coming into contact with these spores could cause allergic reactions.

Symptoms may include watery eyes, runny nose, sinus issues, and throat and skin irritation. In some people, mold triggers asthma and migraine attacks.

Serious lung infections and brain damage can also be caused by coming into contact with toxic mold.

Mold can spread beyond the air ducts. If you suspect that mold has developed inside your home, have all HVAC components inspected by a professional. Mold spores can spread via a leaking duct or even through normal air flow.

Besides making you sick, mold can also potentially affect the structural integrity of your home.

4. Remove hidden odors

Certain smells can tell you how dirty or clean a home is. Typically, when homeowners notice a hideous smell, they will try to look for the source immediately.

Once it has been found, they will take steps to remove the source and the smell produced. However, there are cases wherein the source of the odor cannot be tracked and removed successfully. This can happen when the source of the smell is inside the air duct.

Smells originating from the air duct are more tedious to remove if you don’t have the proper equipment. Furthermore, air ducts can disperse the irritating smell over the entire home.

“Hiring an expert to clean the air ducts is necessary to eliminate the sources of the foul odors from inside your HVAC system and prevent the smells from spreading further.”

Air duct cleaning removes hidden smells and odors

5. Clear up dander and smoke

If you or the past homeowner had any pets, you may need to deal with the fur or dander that they may have been left behind. If any of these get into the air ducts, cleanup becomes more tedious.

The allergens could spread into the air. If you or any of the other residents are allergic to pet fur, the air ducts could trigger asthma or an allergic reaction.

Another problem involves cigarette smoke. If you are purchasing or renting the space from a smoker, it will be difficult to remove the smell on your own. You will need to call an expert to eliminate the cigarette odors.

Each home is different. As a result, conditions will vary from one home to another. Start by filling out our quick online form to Get a Free Estimate on Air Duct Cleaning Services. Our staff is ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about getting your air ducts cleaned.