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Our Services

AC Repair

One call and we’ll have a solution for AC problem you may have. Don’t sweat it any longer!

Furnace Repair

You deserve to feel cozy in the winter. Have us take a look at your furnace, or get one from us.

Air Duct Cleaning

Your sinus deserves a break. Ventwerx works to give you the fresh air you need — free of allergens, germs, and irritants!

Ductless HVAC

Upgrade into the future of a ductless HVAC system. You don’t have to worry about any ducts again!

Why Choose Us

Ventwerx is a San Jose HVAC company that provides all-around service for any HVAC needs you may have. We specialize in furnace repair, AC repair, and installation of new Carrier products for heating and cooling. We also have services for home energy, attic insulation, and professional air duct cleaning services. We also offer routine maintenance so you can rest easy knowing your HVAC system is in tip-top shape.

Ventwerx exists to serve customers and help them achieve an ideal interior climate for their houses and buildings. We’re hoping to meet you soon.

What Our Clients Say

Hottest 3 days of the year, 2015 and our air conditioner stopped working… Angel from Ventwerx not only worked us in on the same day I called, but actually was able to come out in the morning! Great customer service. Love these guys.

Gerald L.

From the time they picked up the phone to answer my call, these guys were attentive, professional and friendly. It cost $80 for the initial consult and Angel Sainz came the same day.

Lorie N.


I got several quotes for replacing two furnace/AC units. Ventwerx was very reasonable in price, and fulfilled all their commitments very well. Showed up on time with a full crew and did an excellent job. I fully recommend them.

Fabio A.


I’d like to thank you guys for coming out to my home in Silver Creek so quickly to fix our AC. It hasn’t run this well in years. Your tech was timely, friendly and efficient. His pride in his work showed.

Tom Bramwell

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About Us

Our team is composed of trained and licensed professionals. We’re not children with tools and big equipment — we possess the expertise and the know-how to execute complex operations surrounding HVAC systems. Venterx offers a myriad of technical procedures such as installation, repair, replacements, cleaning, insulation, removal, air sealing, and CA upgrades.

However, it doesn’t just end there with our technical knowledge. Our specialists have years of local experience. We know the area, local climate, and environmental factors that would influence HVAC in San Jose. We know the customers and what they really need.

Ventwerx has established its reputation and credibility in San Jose and Bay area from being in business for a long time. Anyone who ever tried Ventwerx would tell you that we’re the one to call for any HVAC problems. If you call us, we’ll always show up and we’ll always deliver the same quality performance that you’ll find nowhere else.

Ventwerx cares for you. This is the big difference you may see from us that you won’t get from other HVAC companies.

While some companies try to figure out how to drain your paycheck, we’re always looking out for our customers. When you’re at home, all you want is to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. We work hard to give that to you.

In fact, you can also turn to us for advice and tips for maintaining your HVAC system correctly anytime! Just give us a call, and one of our technicians will be there to deliver personal attention to you. We’re here to help you get the best functional mileage from your HVAC system and minimize breakdowns, avoiding any inconvenience for your family.

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You’re one call away from the perfect temperature. Get the best heating & air-conditioning with Ventwerx.
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