Signs Your Air Ducts Need Repair! (Air Duct Repair San Jose)

Mar 30, 2018Blog, Home Energy, Ventilation

When an air duct repair is in order, it isn’t always obvious to the untrained eye. Some signs may be too subtle for the homeowner to spot, but it will still have a big impact in the long run. There may also be glaring signs that are hard to ignore.

However, our human brains still work against us. After a week’s time, you would accept these signs as your house’s “characters” no matter how obtrusive they are. Once it becomes your new normal, it will revert back to being invisible. Still, these warnings will bite you back on your behind when you least expect it. You and your family will be placed in inconvenient emergency situations after the situation escalates. You will regret passing up on the opportunity to pre-emptively save yourself when you could have.

Can you even trust the air you breathe? Your house is the last place you want to be at risk. So why risk it? You need to become an informed, responsible, and proactive homeowner if you want to maintain your family’s security.

And to do that, here’s what you need to know:

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4 Signs You Need Air Duct Repair

Your Air Duct Always Needs Cleaning

An unclean air duct is more trouble than it’s worth it. At best, your house is always dusty. At worst, your family is exposed to allergens, fungus, and molds that cause serious respiratory problems.

We have discussed in this article which signs that will tell you if you have an unclean air duct. If you find your air duct needing a clean-up for more than every six months, you should check if your air duct is broken. If you receive service from Ventwerx, we will tell you if your air duct has any issues for free.

Otherwise, you can try to see for yourself if you can spot any problems. If you can, fix the issue as soon as possible. There may be issues that require an expert eye to see but might still require urgent attention.


Your System Is Making Unusual Noises

If your HVAC system is making unusual ghastly or monstrous noises, your air ducts might be damaged. Air duct damage causes your central unit to exert an extra amount of effort to its job. If your system is at full-throttle round the clock, it’s going to wear and tear faster than normal.

Unusual noises might also come from ill-fitted ducts. You should seek professional opinion if your duct is the proper size for your system.


Your House Have Uneven Temperatures

Your house should have no trouble keeping the same temperature in every part of the room. If one room is noticeably warmer than the rest of the house, your air ducts might be compromised. Your ducts should be blowing the same cold air from room to room. If your ducts aren’t able to deliver that, your ducts are damaged, blocked, or ruptured. That’s an expensive problem to have, unaddressed or not.


Your House Reeks Of Bad Odor

If your house reeks of bad odor every time you turn on the AC or heater, you should never get used to the smell. These signs mean something’s wrong and it’s potentially dangerous. This could be stubborn mold that can’t be solved by regular clean-up. Additionally, if there’s always mold growing out of your system, there could be a moisture leak on the vents itself.

Mold should never be ignored. If you notice any unusual odors coming out of your system, call the professionals as soon as you can.


Benefits of Air Duct Repair

No Health Risks

Damaged ducts are life hazards. They will always be open to molds, contaminants, and critters. Not only will it expose you to more serious respiratory problems, you can’t possibly be happy that there’s an open route for critters and vermin to your home’s indoors. An air duct repair will squash any chance of exposing you to any of these problems.


More Equipment Life Span

An air duct repair means any energy leak your HVAC system may have will be fixed. Your equipment will not be struggling to perform its job anymore.


Less Energy Spending

If your vent is secured shut, you won’t have any leaks or inefficiencies that may spike your energy consumption up. An air duct repair is a good investment with good returns on your energy bill. Any energy savings will be helpful to your environment.


Less House Work

No more air duct problems mean no more dust blowing out of your system. You don’t have to wipe and feather surfaces as often as you usually do anymore. Not only do you save electrical energy, you save human energy as well.

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Air Duct Repair San Jose

If you’re looking for a reliable air duct repair company in San Jose, Ventwerx is an HVAC company that provides all-around service for any HVAC needs your home may have. We only have the best technicians working in our ranks. You can be sure that the people you invite into your home know what they’re doing.

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